Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • An introduction to noun-units

    • The Articles: a, an, the

    • Activities for exploring articles

    • Activities for exploring articles (continued)

    • Articles in context

    • Teaching Adjectives

    • Noticing, hunting and combining with adjectives

    • Lines for imitating

    • Listen to the song and see the adjectives

    • Imitating and editing

  2. 3
    • Review Quiz - Noun-Units, Articles and Adjectives

  3. 4
    • Prepositions - Introduction

    • Prepositions to indicate PLACE - Where?

    • Watch the video clip

    • Prepositions in videos, texts and phrases

  4. 5
    • The vanishing preposition

    • Concept-checking Pattern 4

  5. 6
    • Review Quiz - Prepositions and Pattern 4

  6. 7
    • Whose is this?

    • Possessive Determiners continued

    • Same sound, different spelling

    • How much or how many? - Quantitative Determiners

    • Hunting for quantitative determiners

    • The Pointing Determiners

    • Review Quiz - The Determiners

  7. 8
    • Prepositions to indicate TIME - When?

    • Prepositions to indicate MANNER - How?

    • Review Quiz - Prepositional Phrases

  8. 9
    • Review of the workshop and "What comes next?"


Lead Instructor

Geoff Pearson

Geoff has been an ESL and literacy teacher for more than 40 years. Originally trained in the UK, Geoff taught EFL in France for four years and Greece for two years before settling with his wife in Perth, Western Australia, where he has worked as a workplace ESL and literacy specialist since 1987. In 1996, he founded Agenda Communication, a company specialising in workplace language and literacy training programs (development, delivery, resource development and research). Throughout his career, he has worked with dozens of workplaces and organisations across multiple industries. Author and co-author of numerous training resources and research projects, Geoff is also a seasoned Professional Learning facilitator, delivering a broad range of workshops in the language and literacy teaching field. A linguist himself (French and German), since 2011 he has pursued his special passion for developing effective grammar-teaching skills amongst language and literacy teachers.

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